5 Steps for relocating your goods internationally

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Are you planning to emigrate from South Africa in the near future? If so, one important thing to consider is how you will have your personal items delivered to your destination country. We have listed the necessary steps to take below:

1) Create a packing list

First things first: You need to decide what you will be taking with you to your new home. Unless you decide to sell your belongings and start afresh in your destination country, you will need to create a list of the items you wish to move, as well as their value (if you have items for which you are not sure of the value, you can provide an estimate value). Your packing list will be required by:

– The company handling your international removal in South Africa and in your destination country.
– SARS, as well as as the customs organization in your destination country. Your goods will need to be declared with customs, so be sure to choose an international relocation company which can assist you with customs clearing as well. Most international removal companies can provide you with a packing list for you to fill in.

2) Decide on packaging.

Once you have created your packing list, you will need to decide how your goods will be packed for transport. You can use a 6m or 12m shipping container to ship your goods to your destination country. The containers are provided free of charge, so be wary of any moving companies which may try to sell the containers to you (unless if you wish to keep your container) Alternatively, if you only wish to ship a few small items then you may simply pack them into boxes, have them shrink-wrapped and delivered internationally. 

If you are not sure what size container you will need, feel free to contact Malore Logistics for a free consultation / site visit.

3) Collect quotes

Next, you will need to obtain a quote for delivery of your goods to your destination country. For this, you will need to provide:
–  your collection address
– Your delivery address or port to which goods must be delivered.
– Your chosen container size (6m or 12m), or the dimensions and weights of your boxes if you are sending a small load.

Please keep in mind that if you are sending goods overseas, you may either have them delivered via air or sea. While goods are delivered very quickly via air, this option usually costs significantly more than if you send your goods via sea. If you are not in a rush for your goods to be delivered, the seafreight option may be more cost-effective for you.

4) Find out if there are any special requirements in your destination country.

Some countries have special requirements for people looking to permanently relocate their personal belongings to those countries. For example, if you are permanently moving to the UK, you will first need to obtain a TOR number from HM Revenue And Customs. This number will be required in order for your belongings to be sent to the UK without incurring hefty customs and storage fees once your goods arrive there.

If you have an immigration specialist assisting you, you may ask them if there are any special requirements for moving your goods with you. Otherwise, you can ask the company which handles your freight delivery to inform you of any such requirements before booking your delivery.

5) Book your delivery

Once you have accepted a quote for delivery of your belongings, and been informed of any requirements in your destination country, you are good to go. The international moving company will collect your goods on a date agreed upon. Your freight will then be delivered either to a sea port or to an airport. Please note that it is important for your goods to be cleared with customs as soon as possible (the clearing costs should be included in the quote you accepted).

Then, your freight will be delivered to a sea port or airport in your destination country. You may either request that your chosen moving company assist you with clearing and forwarding to your new address in the destination country, or you may appoint your own clearing and forwarding agent in that country.

Malore Logistics provides a door to door service for local and international deliveries. If you need any assistance or further information regarding your move, please feel free to contact us.

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